The Railway

The railway was opened in 1846 and even after the closure of the station was in use up until the mid 1990's

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From Ashfords Corner 1973. The blue police box in the picture was like the famous "Tardis" on Dr Who. The officer who used it kept regular times so people would know when he was there. It was big enough for him and his bike and had facilities for him to have a cup of tea in. The bridge in the background was used by the pedestrians to get to town when the trains were running. quite often more than one train would be passing causing huge queues up the London Road and St Leonards road. This was when this road was the only route into Northampton from the south.

The station entrance including the old narrow shops. Note the building which only has the front gable in the above photos. The shops here were very small and wedge shaped. There were Essoms bicycles a jewelers and Flinders news agents. Flinders always seemed to be filled with a mountain of papers. You could go in there and there didn't seem to be any one about call and a head would pop up between two piles.

Here is a group of Cotton Locals who worked on the railway; Jock McCullen, Billy Watts, JW, Minty Smith, S Braybrook

Edward Tilling and Bill Morrice about 1945

Three pictures of the naming of the train the "Northampton Regiment" at Cotton Sheds

Retired railway men, Arthur Vickers, Edward Tilling, ??, ??

These next four were taken just after an arson attack on the signal box in 2005. Then the rest are of the station from 1930 to 1960