Having abandoned its trams on 15 December 1934, Northampton Corporation Transport's fledgling motorbus fleet was rapidly expanded in order to serve the former tramcar routes and their subsequent extensions and the new services to the rapidly growing outer parts of the town. The Corporation quickly realised the value of Diesel engined buses and by the mid-1930s the standard double-decker was the Daimler COG5. After 1947, all new post-war buses were the new Daimler CVG6 model and after 1949 all had bodies built by Charles Roe of Crossgates, Leeds. 246, (BNH 246C), entered service in March 1965 and had the rare distinction of being the first Northampton bus to be fitted with saloon heaters. It was one of 58 Roe-bodied Daimler CVG6s delivered to the fleet which had the Manchester-style concealed radiator. 246 was in service for sixteen years before being withdrawn in October 1981

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