Greyhound Racing

An evening at the dogs was enjoyed by many people in Far Cotton. The greyhound track was situated at the end of South Bridge Road in Cotton End roughly at the junction of the railway from Bridge Street station and St Johns. When a race was on a narrow boat used to be pulled across the Nene forming a temporary bridge for people to walk over. Racing began in 1928 and continued up until 1964. After the races finished Greenough's on the corner of South Bridge Road bought the track and converted the buildings into a wallpaper and paint depot. The track is now under the development that have obliterated South Bridge Road

Here is a typical poster for the greyhound race (Redrawn)

Here is a postcard from inside the track

This is an aerial photo from 1930's

At one point the greyhound track was used as a speedway track
Here is the final programme from 1930 which was apparently rained off
Although in the early 70's attempts were made to reopen the circuit for speedway again, nothing ever came of it.