Far Cotton Junior School 1872 to 1883

Taken from school log

September 9th 1872School re-opened after harvest holidays. Attendance small as the gleaning is not over.
April 1st 1873School opened at 1 and closed at 3:15 through the Northampton Races
July 17th 1873Opening of the Leather Exhibition 8 days holiday given to the school
July 23rd 1873Weather excessively hot. Part of the school worked in the playground
Feb 5th 1874Holiday all day. School used as a polling station
Oct 6th 1874Borough Elections. School used as polling station
21st June 1875Rev Hood Vicar of Far Cotton visited the school
22nd July 1875Heavy floods School closed in the afternoon
20th Sept 1875School opened at one and closed at 3:15 Cheese Fair
5th Nov 1875School closed for Guy Fawkes Day
16th May 1876New urinal constructed
14th July - 4th Aug 1876Weather has been very trying by reason of the hot weather
2nd Mar 1877A boy William Tinkler, who is an incorrigible truant, was exceedingly rebellious, refusing to do anything he was told and thoroughly defied me. I sent for his father and he concurred in my opinion that a sound punishment ought to be inflicted. This was given during the morning in the presence of the boys only, all girls and female teachers being in the classroom.
24th Nov 1877I have visited the urinal and closets this morning and find them in a very dirty state. They frequently are so on a Monday morning. Mr Blick ordered to keep the closets locked. Every boy has to go to him to get the key.
28th Nov 1877G Smith punished once on each hand for scribbling in a reading book. I gave him 250 words for a similar offence yesterday
Jan 16th 1878Candidate E Burtin while ringing the bell for afternoon school was hurt by the chain breaking and striking him on the head
March 25th 1878George Phillips took charge of school
March 27th 1878Punished Maycock severely for disobedience and disorderly conduct
April 9th 1878Afternoon holiday for Northampton Races, the Prince of Wales being in the town
May 13th 1878The school warden called in the afternoon to inform me that Thomas Jay was at a proper age to leave school
Dec 11th 1878Smaller school than last week. Many lads away playing on the ice. Punished Jay and Fleming for doing so until 2:20 this afternoon
Dec 16th 1878George Onley and George James left school today
July 30th 1879The school warden called today. Gave him a list of absentees and irregular children to look at
August 12th 1879It was decided to prosecute Alf Scutcher the lad who got into the school on Monday week last and stole several pen knives out of my desk.
August 13th 1879Sergeant Jobbings called this afternoon to ask me to attend the Court on Saturday regarding Alf Scutcher
August 28th 1879Sergeant Jobbings brought the four knives taken from the school by Scutcher this morning and I gave him a receipt for them. Small school in the afternoon, the Far Cotton Conservative Association holding their annual holiday at Delapre Abbey.
October 6th 1879Opened school this morning with 65 children. Weather having been bad a lot of corn is still out.
October 29th 1879.The windows were finished today over a hundred panes having been freshly glazed. Warned the boys seriously against throwing stones.
November 11th 1879Several cases of measles among families belonging to the school sent few children home today two having the itch.
November 14th 1879School closed today to help prevent spread of epidemic reopening on December 29th
Jan 12th 1880The school warden called in the morning. Mr Harvatt complained that E Burtin had wilfully burned her lads hand with a red hot iron, promises that it should be investigated
March 11th 1880Ernest Burtin not at school. His mother called at office to say that he had disappeared from home unknown to her. It was con???ured he had gone to Falmouth to get aboard a training ship.
April 6th 1880Half day due to Northampton races
June 15th 1880Punished C Swan, J Worley and G Baldwin severely for being troublesome in my absence
September 28th 1880Small attendance again this morning. Got the warden to go round which effected an improvement in the afternoon attendance
October 8th 1880The excessive wet weather all the week has prevented a good attendance. On Tuesday last the flood was so great in the street that planks were placed from path to the centre of the road to enable the children to go dry shod but these planks in a few minutes were floated away by the moving stream of water
December 14th 1880This school was used as a Polling Station today. Messrs Norman 418, Wilson 312, Rolfe 240, Bates 232, Grant 224 and Oliver 192 were the Candidates. The first five being elected.
January 18th 1881Terrific storm of wind and snow today. 1pm a large stone cross was blown from the top of the school onto the slates which were broken, but no further damage done.
January 19th 1880Great depth of snow where about. Only 15 lads present, gave no lessons sent them all home.
May 2nd 1882This school was used as a Polling Station today, there being a contest for the representation of Northampton between Messers Corbett and Bradlaugh
Nov 8th 1882A man came to complain about his boy (H Mays) being caned. Boy only had one cut on hand well deserved.
Jan 9th 1883IMA that the discipline is considerably relaxed through the non-use of corporal punishment
Jan 19th 1883Discipline better this week lads begin to appreciate the lack of cane and show a better feeling than a week or two back.
March 7th 1883Obliged to cane several boys today order being very lax in one or two classes
April 16th 1883Seem to find greater difficulty in keeping good order and attention with diminished corporal punishment
April 20th 1883Albert Jay been giving much trouble to his mother lately in playing truant.
May 4th 1883St Georges day fair bad attendance
July 5th 1883Heard today that O?laudo Shaw had died today of Scarlet fever, he was present on Monday.
August 6th 1883Bank Holiday School Closed
August 22nd 1883Decided not to break up this week as harvest is hardly general
October 11th 1883Kept in Harry Clarke during dinner time for playing truant then punished him in afternoon for idleness
November 9th 1883Sanitary Inspector called with the Inspector of Nuisances to enquire about the spread of measles in school. Have not more than a dozen children away through it.
January 2nd 1884Harry Clarke who had been playing truant two days was brought by his father this morning. Punished him severely having on many occasions talked kindly and refrained from caning him with no good result.
January 3rd 1884Chas Powell another Cotton lad was punished this morning for playing truant.
February 6th 1884Clarke away again today am afraid his case is hopeless - having tried every means to induce him to attend school.
February 11th 1884Harry Clarke was brought by his father this morning with a halter lead round his arms to prevent his getting away from him. Draw attention of the school to him.
February 12th 1884The bell broke this afternoon, the clapper nearly falling on the lads head
February 19th 1884Closed today there being a Parliamentary contest between Messrs Bradlaugh and Richards.
March 5th 1884Was asked by Clark to inform lads that in future all who did not bring school fees by Tuesday morning would be sent back.
March 12th 1884Find school fees come in better through sending lads home for them.
March 20th 1884Punished Edward Herbert for inattention and impertinence.
March 21st 1884Clarkes father brought him to school this morning with chains round neck and wrist and padlocked behind. him having played truant this last fortnight.
April 1st 1884Northampton races only 32 boys present in afternoon.
May 7th 1884Closed school this afternoon at 4 until Monday for Bazaar which is to be held here, Foundation stone of church being laid tomorrow.
May 21st 1884Punished J Smith and C Patchin for impertinence to teachers.
May 26th 1884Punished George Worley for laziness and obstinacy.
July 2nd 1884On sending two lads across to Girls school for water to cleanse offices, which are very offensive this hot weather, Mrs Allen refused to let them have any, and repeated her refusal when I sent a teacher.
July 18th 1884Received information from Mr Powell of Cotton End that his sons needed more correction.
August 1st 1884Mrs Patchin brought her boy this morning at 10:30 found him playing in a field at Cotton End.
August 5th 1884William White took the registers home on Friday to make up. Copied the names out for the 3rd quarter. The following boys have left whose names he has carried forward. Albert Ashby, William Brown, Ernest Stevenson, Arthur Mills, William Beach, Fred Fitzhugh, Frank Walker, Jesse Betts, Charles Stimson, Fred Beach.
August 6th 1884Weather very hot harvest beginning.
August 13th 1884School falling off - harvest having begun.
August 15th 1884Broke up for 1 month for Harvest holiday.
September 25th 1884Parker, George James, Clifford Dunkley and George Moore admitted from the Infants school, very behind with their work, two not knowing even their letters.
November 4th 1884William Harris most obstinate this afternoon, he was playing with a whistle and neglecting work so I took it from him. He refused at once to do work and I punished him, still refusing for some time I punished him again and on his final defiance I sent him home as his subordination was demoralising to the school. His mother came some time after and appeared somewhat indignant at first, but on hearing the cause of his punishment - impudence and refusal to work she promises to talk to him and send him on the morrow.
November 7th 1884Find the lads rather dull over mental arithmetic. It is very difficult to get them to think.
December 2nd 1884The bell broke today and part of the chain fell upon a lads head. Several lads narrowly escaped being injured severely.
January 30th 1885School year finishes today.
February 28th 1885Find much inconvenience through a want of slates. Children will not find their own and we have not enough for one half of the school.
April 14th 1885Northampton races commence today.
May 13th 1885Find daily the great necessity for desks in the classroom. The attendance is often over 100 and no writing can be done in any but the large room.
May 19th 1885The chairman vicar and William Chapman came in at 3 to distribute the Prizes to the children. 44 receive books for attendance and Samuel Hughes and Harry Baldwin for proficiency in Geography.
July 2nd 1885A man from Smith Brothers came to look at desk with a view to giving estimate for some new ones.
August 18th 1885Punished Tom Powell severely - yesterday he loosed one of the railway trucks from the train and started it down the line, nearly running over two men belonging to the wagon works.
October 9th 1885Alfred and William Bland and Fred and Alfred Watts were exempted from paying fees for three months and arrears struck off.
October 27th 1885I called attention of managers again last week to the bell pull, it being a heavy chain on a roller. The chain frequently breaks and falls to the ground a distance of at least 20ft.
October 29th 1885No school today, the Bishop of Peterborough opening St. Mary's Church.
December 10th 1885Weather very cold - large room was not warm all day lads in several classes unable to work from cold.
March 8th 1886Of the boys coming from the infant school Brown and Clarke do not know their alphabet and Radford and Fielding can barely read at all and know nothing of their sums.
March 10th 1886A lad came from the adjoining wagon works to complain of boys throwing on the roof and breaking a quantity of glass. banned six boys for doing so.
March 30th 1886Bad attendance today owing undoubtedly to Northampton Races.
August 24th 1886A man called at 1:30 and gave a lecture on English Snakes illustrating by live examples.
November 18th 1886Northampton Autumn Race Meeting.
December 14th 1886The following lads are away through illness Sam Labrum, Benjamin Reynolds, William Wagg, Jesse Wagg, Joseph Blake, A. Powell, Walter Baldwin, Frank Branson, George Watson, Frank Smith and Harry Johnson.
December 23rd 1886Samuel Hughes gained the prize for General Knowledge. John Sykes, Harry Bates, Albert Hines and Fred Eaton for Geography.
March 1st Amount of grant 84 10s 6d. Staff: George T Phillips. 2nd Class. W J Blunson Provisional. Arthur Jones 4th year. Arthur Sharpe Candidate.
March 7th 1887Hardingstone School Board. Dear Sir. I am directed to suggest that should it at any time appear to you desirable to close the School in consequence of the prevalence of Fever or otherwise, you will before taking action communicate with the clerk with a view of taking the opinion of the Board upon the subject. Yours truly. W. G. Woodford.
June 17th 1887Broke up this afternoon for the jubilee week, the rooms being required several days then.
July 4th 1887Primitive Methodist treat. poor attendance all day in consequence - they having gone to Blisworth.
July 11th 1887Leo Street was insubordinate in school today. I sent him home and asked his mother to come in. She brought him back and asked me to punish him for misconduct.
September 12th 1887The walls have been recoloured the flooring repaired and a complete system of ventilation fixed up.
October 18th 1887School closed today to permit children to see the Entrance of Price Albert Victor who laid the foundation stone of a new wing to the Northampton Infirmary.
November 11th 1887The broken harmonium came back today from Abels.
November 14th 1887The attendance of several boys Hines, Butler John, Butler Ernest, Fitzhugh Franklin has been very unsatisfactory of late.
November 15th 1887The school warden went after absentees today. Hines (above) is 13 and exempt by our Bye Laws from further attendance.
December 5th 1887Several lads behind with school purse. One family because father is out of work owing to strike in the show trade.
January 10th 1888Several children sent or came to say that measles had broken out in their families and asked whether they would be allowed to attend school. Informed them that they must stay away. A severe outbreak seems probable a most unfortunate event for the schools at this period.
January 23rd 1888Beasley and George and Clifford Dunkley unable to come to school through measles.
February 2nd 1888Sent home William and Ernest Hilliard and William Collins as they have measles at home. Besides these Beasley, Berry, Side, Clarke, Butler, Reeson, Holland, Dawson, Laugley are away from same cause.
February 10th 1888John Sykes, Blake, William Hillard, Cooke, Berry, Gobby, Beasley, G. Harris, Dawson, Tee, E Hilliard, Reeson, A Harris, Betts, A Clarke, C Stimson, T Stimson away through sickness.
February 23rd 1888A meeting of the board was held at 4:15 to receive a communication from the medical officer to the effect that the schools should be closed for a period of six weeks on account of an epidemic of measles. It was decided to close for a fortnight from tomorrow evening.
June 22nd 1888Henry Marriot played truant this afternoon.
August 2nd 1888No school this afternoon. The laying of the foundation stone of a new Primitive Methodist Chapel taking away most of the children.
October 2nd 1888Read a letter from the Hunsbury Hill Company cautioning them against throwing stones on the adjoining buildings.
October 8th 1888Walter Nicholson very troublesome is a lazy boy and sulky when punished. Gave great trouble today.
November 16th 1888Northampton race meeting today and yesterday.
November 28th 1888Punished Cockerill today for his gross impertinence and disobedience.
January 9th 1889Punished Henry Haynes today for repeated disobedience.
January 14th 1889Plough Monday - a large number of the lads late through following plough boys (Note by P. Isaac. The first Monday after the twelve days of Christmas (Twelfth Night) is Plough Monday, a day when ploughmen traditionally blackened their faces and wore white shirts who then dragged of a decorated plough who would knock on doors and ask for money, food and drink. They were accompanied by someone acting the Fool. This character would often be dressed in skins and a tail, and carry a pig's bladder on the end of a stick.).
March 29th 1889Started a free library with specimens from publishers and the accumulation of some years.
April 2nd 1889Northampton races poor attendance.
May 9th 1889A piece of spouting broken off last night by a lad named Alfred Hales who fell with it from the eaves of the school. Mr Richard asked me to write to Mr Woodford and request him to inform the boy's father that if the damage were not made good, proceedings would be taken.
July 3rd 1889Mr Richard called to examine doorpost which bore traces of an attempt to break in. Girls school last night was broken into and some 2 dozen yards of calico stolen.
July 8th 1889Very poor attendance in the afternoon in consequence of a demonstration of friendly societies in Northampton.
October 11th 1889Many boys are away occasionally in the afternoons gathering acorns.
March 25th 1890William Taylor called to complain that a number of lads after 12 threw their caps at two Sisters of Mercy from the Convent. I lectured the boys on such a breach of behaviour.
September 1st 1890Head master G T Phillips leaves new master George Jones starts.
March 14th 1892Large attendance today especially in the afternoon. number present 145. this is the largest number we have had. Number on books 164.
March 29th 1892Attendance poor today owing to Northampton Races and a tea party in Far Cotton.
August 29th 1892Commenced school after a months holiday. The new school for the boys will be formally opened tomorrow at 2pm.
August 30th 1892The boys assembled in the old school at 2pm and very soon after were marched over to the new school. The chairman of the board then formally opened the school.
Sept 6th 1892Attendance very poor especially in the afternoons owing to the boys going gleaning.
September 19th 1892Closed school at noon owing to the Fair and Sauyers Circus visiting the town.
March 22nd 1893Mr G A Bird visited the school this afternoon and kindly gave a silver medal for the best boy in Arithmetic.
March 29th 1893Ralph Stearne having the greatest number of examinations right has won the medal. William Dickins who should have really the best chance hurt his hand and was unable to write. William Haines came in a very good second and W James came in third.
June 8th 1893William Dickins, Ralph Stearne and William Haines absent today attending the examination for a scholarship offered by the County Council.
June 26th 1893One of the 3 boys who tried for the County Council scholarship of 20 per annum has been successful. William Dickens. Stearne and Haines in my opinion were too young being 11 and 10 years respectively at the time of the examination.
July 6th 1893School closed today in celebration of the royal wedding. In the afternoon all children attending day schools in Far Cotton and Cotton End had a tea party with sports and amusements afterwards.
September 4th 1893I am very grieved to have to record the death of Mr Chevey the senior assistant master. He was unwell for one week before we broke up but we all thought he would soon be better. He died of Bronchitis and Typhoid Fever on Sunday August 13th. He was an assistant in whom I could place the fullest confidence and his loss to the school will be great.
October 19th 1893Mr Bird provided a Magic Lantern entertainment for the scholars of the boy's school.
December 18th 1893Ralph Stearne aged 12 years has been successful in gaining a 20 per annum scholarship for two years offered by the County Council.
April 20th 1894Harry Richardon absent with Scarlet Fever.
July 9th 1894William Haines has been successful in gaining a 20 per annum scholarship for two years offered by the County Council.
July 26th 1894Owing to several events happening today the board decided to close the school. The laying of Baptist Foundation Stones. Hardingstone Flower Festival The church picnic and trips to Skegness are among the causes.
October 22nd 1894William Spacey went home again this morning indisposed. He has not really been well since the midsummer holidays. Owing to ill health he has decided to resign.
November 19th 1894Arthur Jones commenced duties today as assistant master in place of William Spacey.
November 21st 1894Heard with great regret of the death of William Spacey the late assistant master.
March 13th 1895Fredrick Hillyard gained 2nd prize for freehand drawing at an Exhibition in the Corn Exchange for boys between 12 and 14. William James and G Meacock were highly commended. Cecil Ball was highly commended for writing.
July 4th 1895Closed school at noon on account of the opening of the new Baptist Chapel.
July 5th 1895Mr Bird urged the boys to come to school more regularly and gave them some sound advice. Six boys received medals as they had not missed an attendance during the school year. Viz Walter North, C North, S Evans, W Warwick H. Waddlelow G Ball. Walter North has not missed an attendance for two years. 84 book prizes were given to the boys who had made 90% attendance.
July 11th 1895I found several boys playing truant yesterday afternoon. Two Hillyers two Browns Side, Jay, Battison and Chambers. They received punishment in the presence of Mr Turner the attendance officer who went to inform the parents. Browns Hillyers are continually at it and seldom come to school unless brought by their parents.
September 6th 1895William James, Fredrick Hillyard and George Meacock have been offered free scholarships at the Northampton and county modern Mechanical schools for three years.
December 30th 1895Commenced school this morning after the xmas holiday. No present 152. As we are now separated from Hardingstone we now form a school board of our own, which will be called the Far Cotton School Board.
April 20th 1896School has been ordered to close on account of the spread of measles in the district.
May 18th 1896The school commences again today having been closed for a month.
June 15th 1897Closed school this evening for Jubilee week.
July 6th 1897George Dunstone successes in obtaining a County Council scholarship value 20 per annum for 2 years.
July 7th 1897William Howlett has been offered a free scholarship for 3 years and the loan of books at the Northampton Technical School.
March 25th 1898School Staff. George Jones Master. G H Thompson Cert Class Master. Arthur Jones Art 50. Herbert Hill Art 50. B Haines Ex P2. Arthur Gawthorn 3rd Year John H Webb 2nd year.
July 8th 1898Charles Meacock has been successful in obtaining a 20 scholarship.
July 19th 1898Samuel Evans, Arthur Ford, Percy Tinkler and Edwin Fookes were awarded free scholarship for three years and books for the first year.
September 9th 1898This week has been most trying owing to the intense heat. Thursday was the hottest day the thermometer in school reaching 84.
November 23rd 1898Very stormy morning. Snow some 3 to 4 inches deep.
January 12th 1899Commenced school at 1-30 this afternoon to enable boys to attend a tea and Christmas treat at Temperance Hall.
April 28th 1899The school has earned a merit holiday but as Monday is Mayday and Barnum and Baileys show is paying a visit to the town the board has decided to give Monday holiday.
June 29th 1899Very poor attendance owing partly to a day trip to Portsmouth in connection with Phipps Brewery.
November 3rd 1899Attendance poor owing to the circus and Northampton races.
October 19th 1900Closed school for 3 weeks on account of the measles epidemic.