Far Cotton school

Last day at Main Road (Alton Street) School July 1958
We were the baby boomer year (born 1946) and there were 52 of us in the class. It was all credit to our wonderful teacher, Mr Elliot and headmaster, Mr Fred Adams, that with the exception of just a couple who were boarderliners we all passed the 11+.

So much for todays classes being too big

Back row: L to R. PAt Wood, Sandra Eyre, Mike Parsons, Bill Finnis, Nicholas Marsh, Sheilla Baxter, Pete Clarke, Mr T.C. Elliot. Eleanor Bason, Gill Chadwick, Richard Worth, Brett Stevens, Carol Bradley, Wendy Cowley, Derina Balder (her dad was Moto Baldet)

2nd row: Peter Shaw, Lesley Tew, Dudley Miles, Rita Taylor, Robert Preston, Janet Irons, Ian Pugh, Bronwen Williams, Steve (Radio DJ) Riches, Kath Cadd, John Fowkes

3rd row: Chris Stennett, Pat White, Edward Bennet, Shiela Arch, Bob Farmer, Marion Watts, Chris Boniface, Chris Smith, Jill Ford, Caroline Denton, Delia Shaw, Peter Shaw?, Petter Nutter

Front row: Alan Hillier, Keith Wrighton, Michael Mewies, Stuart Weller, Jeff Pacey, Keith Wrighton, Maureen Ratcliffe, Wendy Temple, Angela Peto, Jill Lucas