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195221st March - School opened as Queen Eleanor Infant School
1953June - Coronation celebrations, mugs presented
1965ITA reading scheme introduced (Initial Teaching Alphabet)
1974September - became Queen Eleanor Lower School Two mobiles on the premises to accommodate extra children(which eventually led to a further two being added)
197721st March celebrated Silver Jubilee
1981Celebrated the Royal Wedding - Charles and Diana
1982January saw the fire which closed the school, children moved to Main Rd (Far Cotton Junior) now Delapre Annexe
1991Mobiles still on the land (new build/extension not visible yet)
1993New extension, classrooms built on back playground land, mobiles no longer to on front grass. New playground laid.
199421st March - Official opening of new extension
2002New fencing placed on front playground by the reception lobby and Head's office area to protect children from front entrance traffic
200212th July - Golden Jubilee celebrations
2003Year 4 pupils retained to make the first Year 5 group at the school, starting the change over to a Primary school
2004Officially Queen Eleanor Primary School first Year 6 group of pupils at the school

Head Teachers

1952 Miss WM Baron
Mrs Jill Cox
Mrs Nora Walkley
Mrs Judith Konlong
Mrs Karen Graystone