Stevenson street

My name is Paul Holland, I was born at no. 28 Stevenson Street in 1956, and lived there until my parents moved to Rothersthorpe Road in 1971. I have either lived or worked in Far Cotton all of my life so I suppose that I am a cottonite. The small boy in the photos is me aged about 6, the older boy is my next-door neighbour from no.27 David Hammond, I often wondered what happened to him, the photo was taken outside our gate looking towards Forest Road. The ford Anglia van was my Fathers works van, he worked for George Howarth Tyres in St. James

Stevenston Street Party 1945
Ethel or Edith Ried standing top left
Sitting ?, Janet Eastaff, Binky Brown, ?
Lady opposite standing possibly Mrs Pitchin
Lady just out of picture left Norah Brown
Phot taken by Bill Brown