Penrhyn Road

1930's The land on which Penrhyn Road now stands. St. Marys Church in the background.

Left to Right. Derek Evans, Delia Seaton, Audrey Evans, Mary Seaton, Owen Evans. Owen was a Pilot in the RAF during the war but died in a civil plane crash in the early 1960's. Delia and Mary are the youngest sisters of the late Vera Woodbridge,

The Me on the photo is Alan Lines. Taken outside No. 98

Taken on the back of dads (James Lines) lorry. My Great Grandfather James Lines came to Northampton to work as a labourer on the railway 1n the 1870s living in Oxford St, where my Grandfather William was born 1874. Moving later to 156 St Leonards Road where my father Thomas James Lines was born in 1913 He lived in Cotton 82 years, dying in the front room that I was born in at Penrhyn Road. He worked as a lorry driver for Harris Haulage in Euston Road ( where the petrol station is now ) moving to British Road Services when they were nationalised in the 50s. 6 months before his death he was still driving back with Harris Haulage.

Anderson Shelter in 52 Penrhyn Road. in the photo are G.Grant & John Gross

Penrhyn Road during the queen silver jubilee in 1977.

Outside Number 12. Standing at the gate is Mrs Helena Clarke whilst sitting is Jacqueline Clarke

Penrhyn Road in the Snow