Oxford Street

Looking up Oxford Street, from Main Road to Rothersthorpe Road. 19th July 1964. Thanks to Robin Puryer

Looking down the whole length of Oxford Street

Oxford St 1937 Coronation Shirly and Molly Henson

The old bake house Oxford St March 2007

Air Raid shelter rear of Oxford St

Oxford Street 1935 Jubilee

Mrs Webb standing 4th from right looking down. Mr Webb standing under 4th window from right with cigarette in his mouth and his Uncle Will in Bowler hat. The two children held by someone in the next chair up from the one with streamers Peter to right of Mr Webb with the woman with the white headdress, probably his mother.

Tom Webb looking like a teddy boy in 1913 in Oxford Street

Peter Haynes with what was the Eagle Tavern in the background