London Road

London Road once known as "the way of the cross"

The bottom end of London Road, as seen from opposite Southampton Road, to Ashfords corner. The railway bridge in the distance and Beeden garage and repair sign on right. 4th October 1964. Thanks to Robin Puryer

London Road with the Hardingstone lane turn off. 21st September 1964. Thanks to Robin Puryer

Northampton United Counties Nr 4 (KNO602), just about the oldest one left running, passing Queen Eleanors Cross as a training bus. 21st September 1964. Thanks to Robin Puryer

London Road at Forest Road Turning. No number 100 or 98 as at this time they were still on old orchard about 1929

Standing by Old Towcester Road looking south. The foot bridge, gates, signals, remember those lights?

The old gates to Delapre abbey demolished during the second world war

Beedens Safety Bus in front of Delapre gates

The wall that used to run the whole length of the spinney down London Road 1962

Taken from 100 London Road showing wall and green bus

The same place taken in 1972 the wall now having been demolished. Paul Isaac is the child

The top of London Road in the snow

The top of London Road

London Rd circa 1928

London Rd circa 1920

London road before any building work had been done taken in the early 1900's

London Road when it was just a hard surface