Letts Road

Looking westward along Letts Road (Formally High Street) from its Delapre street end, past Henley Street and Rickard Street, to Oxford Street, on a hot Sunday dinnertime. 19th July 1964. Thanks to Robin Puryer

The shop in the foreground on the corner of Henley street was the Co-op. Whilst on the corner of Letts road and Rickard street was a Chippie.

Letts Road after it was demolished

Letts road 1964 Inhabitants according to Kellys Directory

1 William Richards
2 Mrs Hiiliard
3 Miss Earl
4 Jnr James
5 Mrs Gardiner
6 Miss Chattell
7 Jnr E Albert Arch
8 T Owen
9 Harry Goodson
10 F William Letts
11 R D Foster
12 Sidney Cornelius
13 B D W Kemp
14 Allen
15 Taylor
16 Mrs Hacket
17 Chiverton
18 Chas Cumberpatch
19 Mrs Gossage
20 Miss R Jones
21 Mrs B Butlin
22 Jeff Chatfield
23 Jeff Parker
24 Alfred Watts
25 Mrs D E Pilsbury
26 Mrs Smith
27 Mrs L Johnson
28 Gordon R Woodcock
29 Mrs E Duff
30 Mrs Harris
31 Chas H Haimes