Delapre Street

Looking up the top half of Delapre Street, from its junction with Clinton Road. 19th July 1964. Thanks to Robin Puryer

Looking up Delapre Street, from Main Road to Towcester Road. The nearest sign on the right reads Licensed Betting Office. 19th July 1964. Thanks to Robin Puryer

Looking down the bottom half of Delapre Street to Main Road, from the Junctions with Clinton Road and Letts Road. 19th July 1964. Thanks to Robin Puryer

Delapre Street From Rothersthorpe Road, Note the now gone shop, have you information?

Delapre Street showing the post office in the foreground. The shops in the background in the 50's were Ernie Wrights the undertakers nearest. They also sold pottery and vases whilst the coffins were made out the back. The shop the furthest away was H Lee and son butchers. At the back of the butchers along Delapre street was the slaughter house. Apart from the Co-op abattoir in Ransome road it was the only licenced slaughter house in Cotton. The butcher Harry Lee was always by the woodbind hanging from the corner of his mouth. The butchers cat lived underneath the butchers counter whilst the dog, Chummy, lived outside the door. Opposite Lees was the outdoor beer house kept by Mr Wrights mother and later Mr Moss. People went in with a mug or a bottle or jug to get beer. On the other corner was Wadwells the fruitiers that sold fruit and veg. Opposite the Post Office was a barber shops on the corners. As you went down Clinton Road on the same side as the post office was another butchers, Charles.

Delapre Street From Main Road, Demolition began

Who are these people

????Sarah (Min) Jones????????
Law Jones??????
????Mrs Clare??

The third lady from the left at the back was my Nan, Sarah Minnie Lily Jones (known as Min) who lived at 20 Henley Street. The 4th lady on the right on the second row was my Grandads Sister in Law Maud Jones who used to live in Queen Eleanor Road and I think the lady on the front row third from the left was a lady called Mrs Clare.
Pat Foale (nee Minards)

Delapre Street 1963

Delapre St Kids at the 1953 Coronation

Can you name anyone

1. Tony Gibson2. ?? Austin3. Mick? Murphy4. Maureen Billingham
5. Colin Mayers6. Barbara Paling7. David Billingham8. Keith Gardner
9. Shiela Arch10. Brenda Arch11. Susan Hillyard12. Doreen Gibson
13. Georgina Kirton