Delapre Crescent Road

Delapre Crescent Road runs along the Rec from Towcester Road to Delapre Crescent on the London Road

This image shows the Road in 1928

This image show Coronation Day Celebrations in 1953

(The following were text and picture were donated by Paul Boniface)
Mrs Pell of Delapre Crescent Road as Mrs Mop - She can just be seen back row, second from right on the group photo

The next two were taken at the Coronation Meal, does anyone know where this was held? I can't remember though at the back of my mind is an idea that it was Far cotton School.
My mother Mrs D Boniface and my brother Stephen - we lived in Thorpe Road at that time - I don't know the other two. My mother was probably known by a lot of Cottonites as she was a teacher from before the war until 1946 at Far Cotton infants (Known as Miss Wells then) and was also an evacuee placement officer. She then taught again in the 60's and 70's at Queen Eleanor school

Another table - I'm the lad with the jug ears at the far end of the table wearing the rosette.