Mrs Ann Frost

Taken from the Northampton Independent Aug 20th 1921

Mrs Ann Frost, of Manor House, Alton Road, Far Cotton, has created a record, not in living to her 100th birthday, other Northampton women have done that, but in having a civic reception to celebrate the event. She had her first motor ride on the same day, and confessed to an "independent" representative that had an aeroplane been available she would certainly have had a trip in the air. She drove in the motor car to the town hall and was there received by the Mayor in the Parlour, where His Worship had an interesting chat with her. Later she was taken to the Police Court and given a seat in front of the bench. Before the ordinary business of the court commenced, the Mayor said: "My first duty on returning from my holiday is one of an exceptional nature - one, I venture to say, that has been the privilege of hardly any predecessors, and that is to offer the town's congratulations to Mrs Ann Frost, who has attained her hundredth birthday today. I embrace the opportunity of giving her our most sincere congratulations and wish her every happiness in her future life. She has of course, reached the age today that is the lot of very few indeed and I am quite sure that we do with all sincerity wish her the best wishes and the heartiest congratulations on attaining her hundredth birthday. It would interest those present to know she was born in Ashby St Ledgers, and has been in Northampton for nearly 20 years. I feel sure Mrs. Frost that you would like to know that never before has this court been used for such a ceramony, and it is not very likely that it will be used in such a way again. I am glad to have the opportunity of offering our heartiest congratulations"

Mrs Frost then left and went on an enjoyable motor ride.

The old lady comes from a long lived family, for her mother lived to be 89 and her father 75, whilst her two aunts reached the age of 84 and 95 respectively. Her parents must have been hardy folks for they brought up a family on a few shillings a week won by hard toil on the land. She never went to school and started work at the age of 10. She married an agricultural labourer, who afterwards became a grocer and had a prosperous business when he died. Self taught, Mrs Frost could read up to her 99th year, and still takes delight in an occasional visit to the cinema. Her only daughter died at the age of 28 but she is great-aunt to 26 and great-great-aunt to 17. She thinks it is a disgrace for girls to smoke and has "no patience" with the "flash" dresses that are worn nowadays.