Walter Dew

Detective Chief Inspector Walter Dew (17th April 1863 - 16 December 1947) was a Metropolitan Police officer who was involved in the hunt for both Jack the Ripper and Dr Crippen.

Dew was born at Far Cotton to Walter Dew Sr., a railway guard, and his wife Eliza, one of seven children (Lucy Sarah, George Richard, Roderick Harry, Ralph Walton, Alice Edith, Flora Adelaide. His family moved to London when he was 10. In 1882 he joined the Metropolitan police posted to Paddington Green. In the 1890's he was involved in the notorious case of "Jack the Ripper". However his finest hour was his famous chase across the Atlantic in the SS Laurentic after the captain of the SS Montrose had spotted Dr Crippen on board. He eventually arrested Crippen and brought him back, with great press interest, to the UK. He published an autobiography in 1938 entitled I Caught Crippen while living in retirement in Worthing.


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