Church Lads Brigade

The Church Lads Brigade met at St Marys Church

CLB 1949/50

?Brian ReeveMick TansleyColin EastwoodRoger LaneBrian HoughtonLen Scott
Tony StanfordTerry KeayBrian LauranceAlana GadsdenColin LantsburyBarry KeayRoger ClarkeMick Toddard
John RaceTony Murfin

CLB Peterborough Diocese Battalion
Officers & Snr NCO's and Wives at annual Camp 1959/60
Including Far Cotton St Mary's Standing Brian Lawrence (2nd from left) Colin & Brian Lansbury 5th & 6th and Maurice Reeve 7th

Some of the members of the newly formed Far Cotton Coy Old Boys Association (CLB) 1978
Len ScottColin EastwoodChris BarringerALan Gadsden(John Wright)Neil Sturges(Maurice Reeves)(Pete Clifton)Mick Gadsden
Ray Underwood(Nobby Clarke Snr)(Brian Reeve)(Brian Lantsberry)Nobby Clarke Jnr

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