Abbey Road Baptist

This series of photos are from the Abbey Road Baptist Church groups

   Ernie Gross   Cyril Webb   
  Nellie Paragreen
nee Gross
   Vera Harris
nee Webb
   Rene George
nee French

  Ernie GrossCyril Webb       

Christian Endeavour c1916

Back row 4th from left Ernie Gross
Front row 1st from left Cyril Webb

Abbey Road Concert Party The Nondescripts

 Ernie Gross Stan HarrisBill GrossCyril WebbJim PamelyFrank Summerford
 Vera Harris Nellie Webb
nee Shepherd
May Summerford
nee Rowe

Abbey Minstrels c1964

?; ?; John Gross; Pete Gross; Ernie Gross; Rich Baker; ?; John Beeby; Bob Gross
?; Rosemary Summerford; Ricky Wright; Diana Cooke; ?; Vanda Bazlely; Sue Gross ( Rust); Val Perrin; Margaret Church;
( the 2 unknowns could be the Eames sisters )