Memories of Travis and Arnold

My First Employment by Phil Webb

When I reached 15years of age my father decided it was time for me to leave school and he arranged for me to have an interview at the Northampton branch of Travis and Arnold at West Bridge. I went to the offices and saw the Manager Mr. Pratt and was taken on as an Office boy at the princely sum of 2-5 shillings per week. I was to work Building supplies department under Mr Tom Knott.

My duties as far as I can remember were mainly to do with filing of orders and receipts. I sometimes had to go out to other builders merchants in the town and deliver written orders for other building materials to them. I had to check on items stored in the Yard to check on the quantity and condition. I was taught how to answer the telephone properly and take and deliver messages to other persons within the company.

My hours of work as far as I can remember were 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday. I used to cycle to work from Pleydell Road sometimes with Janet Bailey and later with Keith Gardner. Janet worked at Dovers factory opposite my workplace and Keith later worked at Travis's. I later went with Keith on his motorcycle backwards and forwards with no crash helmets.

I stayed at Travis's until just before my 18th birthday when I left to joined the Borough Police as a Police Cadet.