Memories of a Telegram boy

My First Employment by Jim Braddock

On July 1959 I started my first job as a telegram boy. On the day that I started I was taken down into the chief inspectors office and I had to sign a declaration that I understood I was bound by the official secrets act. This meant if I ever learnt anything about another persons business whilst doing my job and divulged it to anyone else and was found out I was for the high jump. It could even mean going to prison if serious enough. They didn't mess around in those days. I was told that if you were spoken to by the head postmaster or his deputy you were to call him SIR and all other supervisors were called Mr before their surname, no familiarities allowed then.

I had just turned 16 years old so obviously I did not have a motor cycle licence. This meant I had to start delivering on a push bike around the town centre area until my motorcycle training was arranged in September. The Post Office had their own trainers who trained me for 6 weeks and at the end of that I was put in for my test which I passed first time. Once I had my licence I had to deliver to the outskirts of town and surrounding villages. On Sundays when the Wellingborough, Kettering and Daventry offices were closed we had to do the entire county.

My first weeks pay was 1 18s and after I had paid my board I was much worse off then when I was at school and having my paper round money and paying no board.

I carried on delivering telegrams until I was 18 years old when we were moved on to being a postman which I stuck until I was 21 years old.