1805 - 2007

  1. Horse Drawn railway opened from Cotton End to Blisworth
  2. The towns MP, Spencer Percival, beacme Prime Minister
  3. Spencer Percival Northampton MP and Prime Minister shot dead in the house of Commons by John Bellingham
  4. Canal from Blisworth to Northampton opened.
  5. Present South Bridge was built
  6. Phipps Brewery moved to Bridge Street.
  7. Original Gas Works opened.
  8. Map available
  9. Northamptonshire police force formed
  10. Map available
  11. The town tolls discontinued by an order of the town council; The toll gate in Cotton end taken down; Northampton police formed in May
  12. Queen Victoria comes to the throne.
  13. Floods in Far Cotton
  14. Map available
  15. First Official Census taken.
  16. Bridge Street Station opened in Hardingstone Parish.
  17. Northampton almagamated day and night police force into one force
  18. Old lock house pulled down
  19. Land purchased for railway workers houses near Bridge street station. This was reported in a paper on 05.02.1853.
  20. Castle Station opened. Lion & Lamb Inn closed
  21. Baptist Church in Far Cotton.
  22. The Methodists bought an existing building in what we knew as Henley St.
  23. Services were taking place in the above Chapel. John Clare Northampton Poet dies in Northampton Asylum.
  24. Far Cotton Boys' School erected in by General Bouverie
  25. Sunday school held in little building near railway opposite school now demolished. Lion Brewery sold.
  26. Marked on some maps as New Zealand
  27. Still under Hardingstone parish
  28. St Johns St Station opened.
  29. Cattle Market opened off Victoria Promenade
  30. Map available. St Mary's C of E meeting in barn on old Manor House site. Heavy floods
  31. .
  32. Phipps Brewery opened a swimming baths in Cattle Market Rd using warm water from their brewery.
  33. Last of Northampton Castle leveled for expansion to Castle Station
  34. Chronicle and echo founded. Flooding in Cotton. Bradlaugh Elected
  35. Horse drawn trams started. S .Hollowell's G.Grandfather appears on the 1881 census in Oxford St. Stone cross blew from roof of Old Cotton School in storm
  36. Bradlaugh reelected
  37. May 18th Foundation Stone laid for St Mary's Church
  38. St Mary's Church consecrated on 29th October by Bishop of Peterborough
  39. Schools close for 1 week for Queens Jubilee celebrations: Prince Albert opens new wing of Infirmary
  40. N/pton became a county borough. August 2nd foundation stone laid for Second Methodist Chapel built on same site in Henley St.
  41. 1st Cycle parade took place in the town.
  42. July 26th Foundation stone laid for New Baptist Church in Abbey Road
  43. 4th July Abbey road Baptist Chapel opened. Land purchased from the Co-Op.
  44. First Motor car driven in town by Joseph Grose. Map available
  45. Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
  46. Barnam and Baileys show visits Northampton to great excitement
  47. N/pton Co-Op Society as we know it started. No 1 branch in St Leonard's Rd.
  48. 25 of march Hardingstone Cemetery opened on Towcester Rd.
  49. Electric Trams were introduced into the town but not Far Cotton, Crown foundry established north side Main Rd. Horse racing abandoned on Race course
  50. Far Cotton Working Means Club was opened.
  51. Midsummer Swimming Baths opened. Map available
  52. Towns Streets tarred for the 1st time.
  53. New Theatre opened. Widening of South Bridge for trams.
  54. King George and Queen Mary came to town.
  55. Start of 1st world war. Ransome Motor Company (Beedens) London Rd/Ransome Rd. 1st tram runs from cotton non stop to All Saints
  56. End of 1st World War.
  57. Far Cotton Co-Op Guild started. Still going?
  58. Methodist bought land in Southampton Road.
  59. Methodist School rooms opened. 1st Motor Buses
  60. Floods
  61. Edward VIII state visit to town. Repertory Theatre founded.
  62. The R101, Britain's new giant airship, passed low over town centre on maiden voyage
  63. Boys' Brigade started at Towcester Road Methodist Church Map available
  64. The Borough Boundaries were extended. (Did this include us?)
  65. Far Cotton Council school recorded as Junior Mixed.
  66. Cow Meadow became Beckets Park. Far Cotton Library opened, built by co-op builders
  67. January 28th - Schools closed for Day of Mourning when King George V laid to rest.
  68. Coronation of King George VI
  69. School children taken to New Theatre to see Peter Pan 8 shillings each went on Corporation buses
  70. Start of 2nd World War. Floods. St Johns St Station closed. Lion Brewery building used as civil defence base May 6th - Sword dancers performed at New Theatre in Schools festival (photos available)
  71. Rationing introduced. Map available
  72. Children at school had special New Years Day assembly
  73. Two rooms at Abbey Rd Baptist used as classrooms
  74. The railings at the front of school removed on February 2nd
  75. June 6th - Main Rd school assembled to hear news of invasion of Western Europe, prayers offered.
  76. V.E. and V.J. Days
  77. Victory celebrations on Recreation Ground washed out.
  78. 4th June Prefab building put up alongside the Methodist School room.
  79. Map which shows Greyhound track. General election
  80. Woman and Fish statue moved into Delapre Abbey Gardens Q-E. Infant school opened 21.03.1952
  81. Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 2nd.
  82. Brick built Epworth Hall replaces prefab for the Methodists.
  83. New Theatre closes.
  84. Delapre Abbey became Records office (Queen Mum opened it) Fire at Far Cotton Working Men's Club.
  85. Tivoli Cinema closed. St Johns St Station demolished.
  86. Bridge Street Station closed.;April Northampton / Northamptonshire police amalgamated
  87. Boys Club Towcester Rd opened.
  88. Bridge St Station demolished. T.R.M/C Playgroup opened Playgroup opened at TRMC
  89. 01.02 Decimal currency started
  90. Letts Road demolished.
  91. Carlsberg Brewery built
  92. Planning proposals for new Southern District Approved
  93. Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee
  94. ?floods
  95. ? floods
  96. Summer playscheme at Main Rd School
  97. Fire at Q.E. Lower 15.01
  98. Midsummer Meadow Baths demolished Q.E. Lower re-opened 01 09 after fire.
  99. Princess of Wales funeral T.R.M.C. Playgroup closed to make way for new Church
  100. Floods on Good Friday
  101. Biggest firework display over Northampton new Millennium. Large Vats for Carlsberg arrived down Towcester Rd
  102. T.R.M.C. Opened 20 May
  103. Q.E. Lower School Golden Jubilee 12.07
  104. Charles and Camilla in town. Bridge St Signal Box burnt Latimer and Crick Com Merchants Burnt
  105. Far Cottons Working Means Club 100 yrs old Opening of Community Facility on Far Cotton Rec.