Northampton Notes and Queries

In 1668 there was a great fire in Cotton end, close to the further side of south bridge.. One account says that there were only six houses left standing in the short space of two hours.

Cotton End. 1669 23 jan .. "toward the releife of the distressed Inhabitants of Cotton End in Northamptonshire" 9s. 9d.(Whittlesey S. Andrew, co. Cambs)

Cotton End. 1670. "For a fire at Cottonend, Northampton" 5s. (Barrowden, co. Rutl.)

1670 ... "A briefe in favor of persons suffering great losse by a sad fire in Cotton-end in Harrington Parish..." 4s. 6d. (North Luffenham, co. Rutl.)

Cotton End.1673. 29 May ... "for Voyalant fire that hapned in the towne of Cottonend in the parish of Hardreingston in our County of Northampton" 3s. 10d (Stretford, co. Lanc.)

1785-6 For old materials as valued at the farm house in Cotton End after fire there... 8 10s 0d

At the October meeting of the assembly in 1618, "William Coldwell Constable of the Cotton End, Stephen Marriat tanner and Thomas Mallorie Thirdborowes of the saide ward."

An Inn from the 17th Centuary in Cotton End was the Tabard