Tivoli Cinema

The Tivoli Cinema opened on 13th July 1935 with Victoria Hopper and John Loder starring in "Lorna Doone". It was a single screen cinema with 832 seats. It was located in the Far Cotton and was situated on Towcester Road opposite St. Leonards Road. Operated as an independent it was taken over in 1939 by A. Cohen's Mayfair Cinemas (Control) and then in 1947 it was operated by the independent Midlands Super Cinemas circuit. By the late 1950's it was screening 'Continental' art house films. It closed on 27th August 1960 with John Garfield and Jennifer Jones in "We Were Strangers" and Philip Carey in "Return to Warbow". It went into use as a furniture warehouse, then in the 1980's was converted into a tyre and motor repair depot. There was talk about it being re-opened, but nothing came of it. After laying empty for several years it re-opened in October 2005 as a tile warehouse serving the needs of D.I.Y. hardware people. The adjacent shop and cafe now function as a diner with an 'American' car on the roof.

Thew Tivoli had three different films a week. People used to let people in at the back, but the doors used to bang so everyone knew. 10d and 1/- 6d at the top which was up four steps. There was about a dozen rows in the lower. To get to the upper section you went in by the grand front entrance but to get in to the cheap seat you had to go down the entrance on the right hand side. The film used to run continuously and people would quite often arrive half way through a film watch it to the end. Then watch it to where they came in and leave.

Looking up Towcester Road to the Clinton Arms and St Mary's. The Tivoli is at this time Walkers Packing Theatre (On the sign to the bottom left it says Tivoli Packing Theatre). 25th July 1965. Thanks to Robin Puryer

The Tivoli and the shed footbridge and coaling plant in the background, as seen at the junction of Towcester Road, St. Leonards Road and Main Road. The Golden Teapot had recently taken over the shop from the Coop Chemists. Mr Balls Gent's Hairdressers was next to it. 21st September 1964. Thanks to Robin Puryer

The Tivoli after closure 17th August 1969

The Tivoli just after closure

The Tivoli in the early 1960's

The Tivoli and the Toilets next door

The Tivoli in the early 1980's

An advert for the tiv