The Rose and Crown

The Rose and Crown was at 1 Rickard Street and was demolished with the rest of Rickard street about 1970. Bob Faulkner was Landlord in 1953. Charles Hills in 1906 and 1914. Mrs Eliz Facer in 1903, John Facer in 1898, John Bates in 1893 1890 and 1874 at this point Rickard Street was known as Alma Street.

Bob Faulkner Last Landlord

Ginny Worth Barmaid

Rose and Crown pub outing

Front Row Alex (Ex PoW German), Frnk Ashby, Fred Lyon, Jock Harvey, Jack Lack, Peggy Lyon, Fred Nobles, Sid Vyses
Back Row Charle Minards, Sid Bains, ?, Joe Nobbles, George Parker, Brummy Minards, Bert Chatfield, ?,?,Taffy Forbs, ?,Wink Welch, Moe, Frank Wilson, Fred Minards, ?, Buck, ?, ?, Charle Mufin.

Rear yard of the rose and crown. Know anyone on this photo please email us with reference ROSEANDCRN

Picture of the Rose and Crown