Cotton Mill

The earliest records of a mill on this site date back to th e12th Century when it was known as Marvel's Mill and was given to St. Andrews Priory.

1253. At this time it was shown as Merewyn's Mill

1538. After the dissolution of the monasteries the mill was acquired by the town

1742. The town Mill, as it was then know, was bought by Edward Cave. The original mill was demolished and a new one built containing several machines "each having fifty spindles". This was the world's first power driven cotton mill. Records of the time show that this was an important source of employment, approximately 100 children and other hands were daily employed

1797. A steam engine was installed to help with the cotton spinning

1806. The mill was converted back to corn grinding and the steam engine was removed

c1830. The mill at this time was owned by the Perry Family and was known as Perry's Mill

c1927. The mill was demolished

The mill is no longer standing. The original site is close to the Northampton Gas Works, however, the mill race can still be seen