Abbey Road Baptist Church

Abbey road Baptist Church is now an old people home and has moved up to the Tesco's roundabout. Here is a picture of the church in Abbey Road

The following was taken from a calendar the drawings are by Malcom Johnson

Although the church Fellowship was formed in 1893 with 53 members, the actual building was not completed until 1895. The cost of the building and the land was 4,000. In 1903 according to Kellys the minister was Rev Robert Albert Selby with meetings on Sunday 11am and 6:15 pm and Wednesday 7:30 pmAfter the fellowship left the premises for the new Abbey Centre in 1986, the new owners, Derngate Housing Association, converted the chapel into flats for elderly pople on two floors. Further flats were added on a third level, together with a passenger lift in 1992.

By today's standards the kitchen was a very primitive one with only cold water on tap. The wall mounted 'Sadia' and the electric cooker being modern additions. A hand-operated pump (not illustrated) was fitted to pump water out of the cellar (alias boiler room) which was prone to flooding.

This view shows the chapel early in its life, with gas lighting. The small hand-pumped organ in the corner remained in use until 1923.

Finally two pictures taken just before the building closed as a chapel.