Abbey Lodge

Historic lodge has not been forgotten

Delapre Abbey Lodge


Despite the boarded up windows and the lingering air of neglect, the small stone built lodge at the entrance to Delapre Park has not been forgotten by Northampton Borough Council

Senior administration officer Mr Derek Raynsford said "We regard the building as being of great architectural merit and we certainly hope to restore it as soon as possible."

He added: "We accept the fact that the building is in a poor condition, but expensive renovation is out of the question in the present economic climate"

The lodge is part of the Delapre Estate bought by the Borough Council after the last war

Mr Raynsford said "There are no plans whatsoever for the lodge to be knocked down and it is not our view that the building is going to deteriorate substantially during the course of the next few years".

As far as the water gardens are concerned there have been complaints recently that they have become overgrown Mr Rainsford said "We have got this point of the water gardens very much in mind but we have had to cut down our standards of maintenance.

"We are doing our best to maintain the amenities with the limited money available"

Taken from the Chronicle and Echo Tuesday June 28th 1977

And again in the 1980's

Delapre Abbey Lodge

And again in 2006

Delapre Abbey Lodge